Rankin' Festus

Festus in 1992 - (photo Mickey Nold)

Greetings to all readers:­First of all, I must say nuff respect goes out to all the listeners of PCRL, To a cousin of mine, and a former member of PCRL, who first approached me about doing a show on the station, after considering, and been encourage by my family and friends, I decided well nothings wrong in trying it out, so I did.

Before becoming a presenter, I had to know how to work the equipments, so I had spent two hours in Mikey B. programme, watching and learning certain things. I was then introduced to Music Master, the head of the station, where we had quite a interesting talk, before he told me when I can do my first program.

I started my first program, now this is a day I would never forget, because it was on Tuesday 22nd July, 1986, the day before "Emperor Haille Selassie I" birthday. Now this might not be important to nuff people, but to me, I see him as the second coming of Jesus Christ., King of Kings, Lord of Lords, conquering lion of the tribe of Judah.

Now I'm a presenter that plays Raggamufin, Loversrock, Roots and Culture sometimes soul, well to my opion, out of all that I play none of the rest can come before the roots and culture, although I must admit I play more of the others, but hopefully I'm looking forward to playing more roots and culture music in tne near future, because that base on reality in life.

No disrespect to any other music thats been played, because every man and woman, have their own taste to what they want. Last of all, I must say that respect is due also to all the PCRL Presenter, because without the team effort we wouldn't be what we are today, as Angel A would say "stinging and shocking" , I must  so take time and say respects and many thanks going out to all my families, and to all my No.l fans, love you like Cookfood.  Just hold tight and keep love and guidance. (1987)

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