Rankin' Bev

 I am a sagitarian and my name is Bev, better known as Rankin' Bev. My eyes are brown. I'm 5' 6" tall.
My favorite colour is red. My favorite dish is dumplin, potato ackee & saltfish. My hobbies are sewing, reading, skating, martial arts, driving and music.

 I first became interested in P.C.R.L  four years ago. When by accident I found them on my radio. I became a frequent listener but i noticed there were no female presenters, so I decided on the spur of the moment to write to P.C.R.L about it: When I posted the letter I tried in vain to get it back out the post box. I couldn't of course, so that was that so here I am!

My first love is Reggae Music (Raggamuffin), so I decided to play the music I liked most, I also enjoy listening to other types of music from Classical to Soul.

Being on P.C.R.L makes me feel good as I have always thought there was a need for a Community Radio Station that would cater for people from all walks of life and to know that I may be bringing even the smallest bit of joy into someone's home is meaningful.

But my greatest wish of all time, is to see South Africa free, so that people can voice their opinions and do what they believe in without getting killed for it. (Writen in 1987)

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