Background: Born in Othorois, Jamaica under the sign of Capricorn, Kingie loves everything and hates ?. Influenced by Bob Marley he is a qualified Barber and is interested in Football and Motor Sport. Kingie came to the UK in 1994, since then he has spent some of his time on PCRL, more recently has taken on a Sunday show where he plays a nice mix of old and new with a touch of ska beat.

 Always sounding lively, laughing and telling jokes he'll be singing along to songs like  'My Boy Lollipop'. As a listener feel you must join in, he'll tells you: "To turn up your radio and if your nabour complains, tell him Kingie sey it okey!"

 A recent playlist included 'One Cup Of Coffee' - Bob Marley (1961), 'Cary Go Bring Come' - Justin Hines (1964) and the more recent  Frankie Paul tune - 'The Colour of Your Skin'  a song that tells the black youth that name brands don't make you a man.

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