The Predator

The Predator is a Capricorn, born on the 31st of December at Halem Hospital in West Bromwich. He hates ignorant people, but loves traveling. His biggest influence in life was his Mother. Qualified in supervision with interests in table tennis and cycling. He started on PCRL in the fall of 1999 and was with us till we closed in 2004.

Hi everyone I'm the Predator dj on PCRL 103.5 f.m.. Let me tell you how I became a radio dj on this station. It started like this: I came from a musical family, my mother sang in a choir in St. Anns in Jamaica. There was always music in our house, my mother would  either be singing to gospel music on the radio or the stereo while working around the house. I suppose my love of music started from there.

Back in my school days at the age of seven I joined the Boys Brigade, and joined their band at the age of twelve. In the Brigade I learned to play the drums. At sixteen I built my first sound system called Joshua International. From there-on-in I had a number of sound systems; Twilight, Black Heart Men and Inna Vibes. My brother Jonathan also started to DJ in clubs. Meanwhile playing on sound systems the times started to change. There were a lot different violent attitudes developing within the people, it was not like before.

The attitude of the people in the dance hall changed, it became more problems and hard work, the joy had gone and the occasional shootings and fuss started. So I stood back and decided to take another direction in music. That's where DJ'ing on the radio came in. I had been listening to PCRL for years, and my sister had also previously been a presenter on PCRL (Lady Cherry). I had previously been applying to get on this station for 15 years! with no luck. Until one day I did a demo tape and I was asked to join the station.
I chose my DJ name 'the Predator', because this means 'animal' and I class myself as a animal that feeds on music.

I have been on PCRL for three years and enjoy bringing music to the people and I also do it for my enormous love of the genre, and the joy I get from the listeners phone calls and requests, texts and appreciation of what the presenters do.

Overall PCRL IS 'the peoples community line' and I hope I carry on delivering this service to the people for many years to come and you will all keep supporting us to bring you good music and information for you all. Word UP!!

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