Pirates Had The Idea First

( Birminham Evening Mail Circa 1992)

had idea

   I read Graham Young's article on community radio, reporting that BUZZ FM had won the franchise.
   If I was in any doubt that the saying "Its not what you know, but who you know" that counts, I'm convinced of it now.
  Two years ago a group of people frustrated by the lack of airplay and nepotism in the broadcasting media set up a pirate radio station called P.C.R.L.
  Because of its success (more that 50,000 listeners in its heyday) scores of imitators followed, bringing about Government legislation to open up the airways to community radio.
   Giving the IBA first choice to choose from various applications was a mistake, because the very people who brought about the pressure for change have been kicked in the teeth by the IBA.
   Instead, what do we get? The old boys club and more of the same garbage we are brainwashed with every day.
   The IBA could have seized the opportunity to show they are for the people, but they have shown their true colours. Nepotism rule.
      G. Adams - Bromford


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