Pirate Radio Back On The Air

Pirate radio
back on the air
Birmingham's pirate radio station -- Radio Star -- is back on the air  -- thanks to its listeners.
  The airways went dead five weeks ago when Home Office investigators seized Radio Star's broadcasting equipment during a raid on an illegal station.
  Now the reggae sounds are pumping out again on 94.2 VHF, because listeners have contributed to replacement equipment.


  "As soon as we were raided the word went around and people began coming to the offices with money.
 We soon raised enough to put us back on the air," said one of the stations disc jockeys, who gave the
name Music Master so he would not be identified.
   Radio Star began broadcasting in January.  It claims 25,000 listeners and says its helping to keep youths off the streets.
   "When we are on the air you don't see youths just hanging about. They are at home listening, with there parents. We are helping to bring family's closer together again and recreate the West Indies atmosphere," said a spokesman.
   Although the staff face a £400 fine and three months in jail for operating a radio station without a licence, they are determined that the shows should go on.

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