Brother Mikey

Mikey was born under the sign of Leo the lion in Marston Green, Birmingham and say's that he hates no-one and loves everybody. His big influence in life was Jesus Chirst. Mikey say's he is a jack of all trades - and a master of none!. He is interested in travel and meeting people.

I started playing reggae music in 1969 at family parties and in 1972 it turned into youth clubs. When I left school in 1971 we built the first of two sound systems 'Atomic City' later called 'Jah Rockers'. In 1993 Bongo Star and myself put together the 'Soulove' sound, and about this time I worked for 12 months with our very own DJ Gypsy at I-Deal Records on the Dudley Road, later  I-Deal Flowers of course.  For a while we then ran Soulove Records in Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham.

It  was in 1998  that I received my calling to Jesus and changed my handle from Mikey Studio to Brother Mikey. At this time I left PCRL for a couple of years break, returning again to the airways of PCRL in 1999 as a gospel presenter. He then stayed with them until the last day.

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