Rising Star Agency (The Bands)

Cecil's Rising Star Agency aka E.M.S. was using local talent but also singers and groups from all over the UK. His office was housed above the record shop with band rehearsal room in the basement at; 151 Dudley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, once a Black Culture shop and later Ideal Records and even a Flower Shop in the 90's. The outside photo, supplied by the stations jazz dj  Steve Williams, he tells us it shows members of Beshara leaving after rehearsals in the basement.
Ann & Sonia
The Drum Dancers (from Hudderfield)
7-The late Junior Delgado, 3-Dennis Brown ,1-George Nooks, front: Danny Birmingham
Freddie McGregor
Denzil, Ras Lynvest & Banner (a driver)
Odessus - Steel Fingers
Ricky Tamlin

Bands gigged at Rialto Club on Soho Road, Handsworth
Third World
Far Image
Eruption (Precious Wilson lead singer in white)
The Mighty Diamonds
Eclipse (Handsworth band)  Jacko Melody (The advert 'voice-over man' in white cap)
Reality (1-Robert Green, 4-Cliff Morris (Cecil's brother).

Sandra Cross
Carroll Thompson

Earth Herms
Amlak - Princes Trust Winners

Sweet Harmony (Laura Parks)
Thelma Mae 'Wonderman Lover' 81

Steel Pulse
Stringbeats later The J.A.L.N. Band (Just Another Lonely Night)
Beshara, 1980
Many more photo's and video footage can be found on the PCRL site by clicking on the Index for the pages on the right hand side of the Blog. This web site has been an on-going concern for Birmingham's musical history and unlike places like Facebook the pages are permanent and stored not just on-line by Google. Although the site has had 63,000 (2015) visitors, people rarely leave comments, rather sharing on FB - remember here is history, not elsewhere!

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