Arrow advert (3-6-1988)

Arrow - 'Special Soca Rumba' Live by mickeynold

Filmed at Carifest in Barbados in 1981. The man often credited with taking soca global, Arrow, has died after fighting cancer for some time. Outside the Caribbean, many know soca music, a fast-paced cousin of calypso, through Arrow’s biggest hit “Hot, Hot, Hot”, recorded in 1982. Sixty-year-old Arrow, whose real name is Alphonsus Edmund Cassell, had been fighting brain cancer for over a year and had been back and forth for treatment in the US. However, upon returning home to his native Montserrat, he fell ill recently with pneumonia and was hospitalised in neighbouring Antigua. Arrow was known locally as a businessman as well as an international soca star. He set up his own record label in 1973 and ran a shop on the remaining habitable part of Montserrat after the volcano destroyed large parts of the island. His song “Hot, Hot, Hot” became the biggest selling soca hit of all time.

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