Radio boss hits out

Radio Boss Hits Out
( Sat Oct 31st. c.1989)
Pirate radio boss Cecil Morris — the man running Birmingham's PCRL station — today condemned a rival station which has drowned out Radio 3.

BBC chiefs are investigating interference from a new radio station calling itself Enterprise FM which has started to broadcast on VHF airwaves.
Mr Morris, currently seeking a community radio licence from the Home Office, fears
there could be confusion between the stations.
"I believe that Enterprise FM is being run by some people who used to be members of PCRL — but it has nothing else to do with us at all," he said.
"We are involved in negotiations with the Home Office with a view to becoming Birmingham's first official community radio station.
We do not want any confusion.
"When      we      have
broadcast we have always gone out of our way to make sure that we do not interfere with any other station's frequencies.
"It surprises me that any station with enough money to broadcast on VHF should let its signal interfere with others."
PCRL           People's
Community Radio Line — has been broadcasting for more than three years, and enjoys widespread support.

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