Tyrone Melody

'On-air' a young Tyrone in 1992
Cecil Morris recalls, "I was good friend with is Mum, who asked if he could come on the radio station, (PCRL) when he was about 9 years old, If I remember right I think he sat in on my program the first time, then on to Lady D's & then with the late Angel A, he was good, so I gave him is own program, and he excelled"

When he became old enough he joined the Luv Injection Sound System, also served a full sound man apprenticeship with them becoming one of their top selecta’s travailing the world & representing Luv Injection in many Juggling & clash dance’s from a teenager. While still on Luv Injection sound Tyrone built his own personal sound system named “Immortal Injection”!  When he left PCRL in the late 90's he also formed his own radio station ....., that's still running today.


  1. I CANT BELEIEVE iVE FOUND THIS SITE WOW. NOW you can possibly help me find a tune? if so reply back to my email and I Will let you no all about the tune which Ive been trying to find for years

  2. o39neal.spence@yahoo.co.uk for the name of the tracking of the tune