DJ Coxsone

Years active? I was a presenter on PCRL from 1999 till 2001, when I left to join Newstyle radio.

DJ Coxsone aka Chris Coxson born in Birmingham, England, I grew up in Rollington Town, Kingston 2, Jamaica. There I attended Kingston's Technical High School and as a youngster I just used to hang-out at Arrows Studio on the Windward Road and ride around with Kingston sound systems; Arrows & the Stereophonic Sounds and hang out with DJ's; Welton Irie and Lone Ranger, and would visit various other studios with my producer cousin Clive Hunt. So I had a insight into the music from a early age.

I wanted to say big-up to all the past PCRL presenters and specially to Music Master and to Pilot who taught me how to become a radio presenter and not just a DJ playing music which paved the way for me to become a radio presenter on Birmingham first legal community radio station Newstyle radio 98.7 FM.

One love, One life - Chris Coxson January 2014

Chris does two shows on Newstyle: Thursday 8pm -10pm and Sunday 4pm-6pm

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