Angel A's Tribute Dance

Awards winning Angel A
 It will the tenth anniversary of Angela's passing in 2014 and I thought it would be nice if we could share this page as a little memento with friends and family. If anybody has any photographs, could they please send them along to be shared here too.

The Angel A Tribute Dance was a last minute, spur of the moment thing, put together by radio D J's and friends of the late Angela Lewin who passed away in 2004, rather suddenly aged 36. She had been a popular presenter on PCRL radio from the late-80's though to the early 90's. Many Birmingham Sound Systems came together to run this evening of music as a fund raiser for Angela's children & family.

Tricky Mickey, Angel A, & Rankin' Bev
The sound equipment was loaned by the Sound men and DJ's who all gave their time for love. The event took place the day after her burial on what would have been her 37th birthday, November 30th. 2004. It contains much of her favorite music as her friends remembered it. This recording was commissioned by one of the DJ's on the that night, Mr. Merry, who had worked along with her on PCRL as well as Coventry's Radio Harmony, a legal FM station in the 1990's. The recordings Part 1. open emotionally with Ranking Bev and a "21 Rhythm Salute" as she calls it, followed by The Chic Squad. Thanks go out to Mr. Merry for bringing his cherished recording to my attention.

 Part 1  The Female Connection: Rankin' Bev and Lady Destiny (Ragga set, 45 mins) Chic Squad/Baydas Sound: Daddy Gaunty aka G-Man & Crazy G (R&B set, 45 mins)

 Part 2  Wassifa Sound: Daddy GT, King Zookie, Mikel Brown & Corporal Billy (Ragga/Reggae/Lovers/R&B/Raffle set - 90 mins)

 Part 3  Luv Injection Sound: Mr. Merry, PA: Tenna Star sings 'Let It Be', 'Baby I'm Over You' & Amazing Grace' (Lovers Rock/R&B/Reggae - 65 mins)

Note: The above files will self delete if no plays for more that 30 days.

Great news for 2014, Rankin' Bev tells me that a 10th Anniversary Dance in memory of Angel A will be taking place at The Dome, on the 26th July 2014. More details will follow.

DJ Corporal Billy
Singer:Tena Star's tribute

Lady Destiny


  1. My Auntie is someone who has never been forgotten. We still reminisce all the time about our times with her. She brought joy and laughter to everyone who knew her, and I feel that a 10 year anniversary would be a fitting tribute to an amazing woman

    Warren Lewin

  2. It was a beautiful tribute to celebrate Angel A who touched our lives in her own special way. She was a lovely person to know and will always be in our hearts.


  3. I worked with Angela in 2000-2001 and she was in my thoughts this morning so I came looking for her and found this. I was 18 at the time and she took me under her wing straightaway - took me for the best food at lunchtimes and I still have CDs that she made for me (must have taken her hours to compile back in the day with limewire lol). She showed me such kindness and it was so nice to see her face today. Thank you.