Miss P

 Having worked on PCRL on-and-off for over 10 years Miss P. was a welcome return in the year 2003, a lady that includes artiste biographies in her programmes along with any relevant information she thinks the listener will benefit from.

 Having been known in the past for soca music shows, gospel music and lovers, she is truly a versatile lady. She took part in the 1992 PCRL birthday party and can be seen in the the photo's from then, this nice shot of her on-air was taken by Mickey Nold in 1992, when he photographed all presenters at that time. Another picture of her is on the Chicken George page taking part in a debate program with Tony Roots.

 Soca music is a large part of the Caribbean music scene, but not too many people approached PCRL over the years with this skill. We had Soca-Master in the mid-80's for a while, more recently on PCRL it  was Kenya G, but she left for more foreign places  Nice though to hear 'P' back on the 103.5 fm.

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