Big John

John at The Porche 1995
Big John was born in Birmingham on 24th March 1968. He went to school at George Dixon and his home was in Edgbaston. John's favorite food is Curry Goat & Rice swilled down with Sexy and Guinness Punch. He is interested in Football and his favorite artistes in 1995 were Garnet Silk, Bounty Killer, Beenie, Buju, Capleton and Dennis Brown. He was with Luv Injection & Bass Odyssey in 1995.

Age started DJ'ing - 12-13 yrs.

What or who inspired you to become a DJ? - My two brothers Budgie & Jacko Melody in the 70's they used to play Lord Sufferer from Edgbaston, we used to live oppersite Sufferer himself, as a DJ Rankin' Festus and Jacko Melody.

What has been your biggest venue? - I couldn't say there's been so many.

John receives  a  PCRL DJ award
How much do you spend a week on Records? - It depends on the new releases. I'll listen to them all but buy the best ones, most DJ would buy them all but It's not what you play but how you play them.

Who supplies the majority of your records? - Direct Link, Birmingham.

The furthest you've traveled for a booking? - All over England and Miami with Luv Injection.

What other DJ do you like listening Too? - Trevor Ranks, Bever, Coley Ranks, Bionic Steel, John Kelly and all up and coming.

Your Best interviews? - Sugar Mynot, Dobby Dobson & Gregory Isaacs.

Your style of entertaining? - Well playing in a dance and doing a show is two different things, if you play new tunes in a dance night, the majority of the crowd will be standing not dancing. My style is to play commercial tunes in a dance and leave the new stuff for the radio. I'm not saying don't play new music but you must know when to introduce them at the right time.

Which person would you have loved to have met? - Salasie I.

HONOURS: - Crowned Birmingham's No. 1 Ragga DJ 2004, 94-95. Respect goes out to all those who turned up to my birthday party at the Porsche, 24th March. Respect also to my Mom & Dad, Sisters, Brothers and my wife and Son. All pirate station and the massive who has helped me through my career. last but not least the Almighty God for his blessing.

Info: Just Vibe May-June '95 Editors note: John was also the brother of Ranking Jacko who had released a record with the help ofg Cecil Morris during PCRL's first year on air, 1985.

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