Court Victory For Pirate Station

(Caribbean Times Friday 22nd January 1988)

   A SECOND attempt by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to terminate Birmingham pirate radio station PCRL, failed at Birmingham Magistrates Court last week.
    The DTI had brought charges of illegal broadcasting against Mr Cecil Morris, known as 'Music Master', after a raid on the station's headquarters last July. 
    During the dawn raid Mr Morris was allegedly dragged from his sick bed whilst the DTI searched the headquarters. Various items which could have been used for broadcasting were found and Mr Morris was duly charged by the DTI officers.   
     Mr Morris, who as always said he would like to see stations such as his legalised, arrived at the court to see hundreds of PCRL supporters outside to wish him good luck.
    The court room also, was packed with PCRL supporters who heard if announced that the DTI would not be offering any evidence against Mr Morris.
     The crowd outside cheered loudly when Mr Morris appeared on the steps to announce his victory.  
     A message of congratulations was broadcast by Birmingham's other pirate station, Enterprise FM. During celebrations at PCRL headquarters Mr Morris recalled the community work which PCRL has done over the past 12 months.
     Over Christmas PCRL had put on a party attended by 1400 children, treated many of the community's senior citizens to a three course meal, collected £1,400 for the cash-starved Birmingham Children's Hospital and broadcast hundreds of messages informing people of the new nationality laws.

Beenie Brown congratulates Cecil on winning PCRL court case

home: pcrlfm.co.uk

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