New Catacombs Club images

Mickey still has the vest! and here's proof!

After 10 years on the net, and asking for more club information, at last some new photos from the Catacombs Club have now emerged. Many thanks to Eddie Matusiak's and his closed Facebook Catacombs site, ask to join if you want to see more. If you want your name added here, please message me at bottom of page. See below for new images - click images for larger views. 

As this year in July was the 40th anniversary of the Cats closing it doors for the last time I thought I would pull my old vest from the moth balls and see if it still fits, and it did to my surprise! because the last time I took it out was on the 20th anniversary at the Wulfrum Center and I had to hold my stomach in all night, hard work. As you can see I have no hair or a beard any more, the beard only came off recently, but the hair about a week after the first photo. Apologies to Dave K for blocking you out of the photo, but as you chose not to be on the CD I thought you wouldn't mind, anyway your on the original tribute page anyway.

Two outside ones ones from Temple Street, one in the dark and one in daylight
Waiting for a bus? Morning after.

Two nicely draw sketches of the way the club was laid out inside. Showing the building layout on the first floor level. The office is where the interview with Blue Max took place.

Left: Blue Max (red) gets a round in. Above: outside DJ booth, dance floor in distance.

Nice group shot, was in colour, but but very faded. Guys sitting in window frame by fire exit. Dance floor in distance.

Left: 67 Club, the alternative venue in Wolverhampton. Above: Entrance to the Cat's from above. It's the dark doorway in the center. The club was the building with all the sky lights adjacent to the road..

Colour faded, but a sharp image
Inside the building while being demolished in 1975?

Earl, Eddie Matusiak, Speedy & Amarick (2014)
DJ's: Mick 'Froggy' Taylor, Alan S & Pete Van Dyke

Blue Max (in DJ booth) Copy of Superlatives 45 on yellow Uptite label being shown off.

DJ Alan Day? & Christine Burroughs
Late DJ: Mick 'Froggy' Taylor

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